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The presence of leukocyte esterase in the urine (leukocyte esterase positive +) usually suggests a urinary tract infection (UTI) or trichomoniasis (an infectious disease caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis). This test is usually performed at the same time of the nitrites in urine test. A positive leukocyte esterase test result is most.

Likewise, white blood cells or leukocytes in urine may or may not indicate urine infections. For example, a condition called Interstitial Cystitis in females typically leads to increased WBC count in the urine. This condition is defined by inflammation of the bladder walls. It may be set off due to hormonal variations, specifically at the time.

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If a urinalysis detects presence of leukocytes in the urine with no nitrates, it could be an indication that the patient is suffering from an infection of the urinary system. Leukocytes are white blood cells that combat infections in the body but their presence in urine most often points towards a bacterial infection.

Hence, all cases of increased amounts of leukocytes in urine without nitrates need to be checked by a doctor for underlying causes. When leukocytes present in urine range from 0 to 10 lev/vl, then it is considered to be normal. Leukocytes in urine above 20 lev/vl is considered abnormal and indicative of some underlying urinary problem.

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The presence of non-hemolysed blood in urine indicates that the red blood cells have not undergone lysis and are present intact in blood. The presence of blood in urine is known as hematuria and it usually indicates a serious disorder. The blood may appear pink, red, or dark brown due to the presence of red blood cells (RBCs), and the urination.

Trace leukocytes means that there is a small amount of white blood cells in the urine sample. This is usually from contamination from the skin or means that there may be an infection. Is the person who provided the urine sample having any pain?. I also have had blood, leukocytes, protein in my urine for 2 wks. No pain, no problems, just multistic showing all these abnormal results. Urine culture results normal, no growth. I have treated with Bactium and then Cipro. Not sure if I should make a fuss or start to ask for diagnostic tests.